About me


Weyinmi Eribo is a trained geologist cum development expert with a dedicated focus on advancing women’s economic empowerment. With over 14 years of extensive experience in diverse fields including oil and gas, impact investing, entrepreneurship, and gender advocacy, Weyinmi has become a leading expert strategy advisory, cultivating strategic partnerships, and fostering community development.

As a certified lead auditor and business development service professional, she is a skilled expert dedicated to improving business processes for sustainable growth through enhancing the operational efficiency of businesses.

Weyinmi also possesses a wealth of expertise in fostering communities and partnerships that drive business growth and has worked with ecosystem leaders and development partners to drive conversations and create social impact opportunities.

She is a skilled facilitator and trainer across issue areas reaching over 10,000 women, youth and professionals.

A passionate advocate for women’s economic inclusion, Weyinmi has played pivotal roles in both international and local projects aimed at promoting women’s entrepreneurship and financial inclusion as she believes that entrepreneurship is a tool a tool for equality. She is not only an adept public speaker but also a prolific writer, addressing thematic issues related to women and entrepreneurship, as well as the art of building impactful partnerships for business success.

Weyinmi’s commitment to community service extends to her volunteering efforts, where she shares her expertise and knowledge to uplift women and girls in business and in the development sectors. Additionally, she supports social impact projects focused through various initiatives, including health drives, food distribution programs, academic scholarships, and mentorship.

Weyinmi Eribo is on a journey to uplift individuals and communities, creating a positive impact on the world.

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